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Energy Efficient Homes Ireland: About

Energy Efficient Homes is based in County Antrim and is owned and operated by Jimmy Conlon who has more than 30 years experience in the construction industry and has been directly involved in the timber frame industry for the past 15 years. Jimmy is renowned for his personal "hands on" approach to detail. He will deal with you personally on a one to one basis.

The company has developed an extensive knowledge of the timber frame industry and fully endorses the numerous benefits of building in timber frame including build quality, cost effectiveness, flexibility of design and energy efficiency. One of the vital elements in achieving energy efficiency is the use of a timber frame kit instead of traditional build as part of the construction process.

Legislation throughout Ireland now dictates that all new homes will have to obtain an  Energy Certificate, similar to those already found on electrical appliances.

Energy Efficient Homes will work with you to help you secure the necessary energy certificate through the provision of the following range of products and services:

This range of products and services can also be tailored to suit both a small to medium sized builder and anyone doing a self build. For the builder the company will work with you to ensure that all houses built by you are “energy efficient” and that they meet all requirements necessary to achieve any energy rating certificate. The add on of particular items for little cost may in the future be the difference in "sale" or "no sale" of your property.

If you are doing a self build we will guide you throughout the complete build process and will meet with you to discuss your specific requirements in detail and provide advice and guidance on the range of products and services available.

If you are considering a build project and want to be assured of obtaining that energy certificate and at the same time significantly reduce your energy costs then contact Energy Efficient Homes today!

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