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Energy Efficient Homes Ireland: Energy Rating Certificates

New and recent legislation in both North and Southern Ireland dictates that all new homes being built or sold must have an energy certificate (ERC/BER). Buildings are to be energy rated in a similar manner to electrical items.

Republic of Ireland
Building Energy Rating (BER) Certificate In the Republic of Ireland all new dwellings submitted for planning on or after 1st January 2007 will require a Building Energy Rating certificate (BER) before they are offered for sale or rent. This requirement will also be extended to all new non-residential buildings in July 2008 and to all existing buildings offered for sale or rent in January 2009.

Northern Ireland
Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) In Northern Ireland an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) will be required for all houses that are either sold or rented from 30 June 2008 and any new residential dwelling being constructed from 30 Sept 2008. The EPC provides A to G ratings with” A” being the most energy efficient and “G” the least efficient.

Energy Ratings

An energy rating for a home is similar to the miles per gallon (MPG) figure used to indicate the energy performance of a car. The lower the use of energy in your home then the higher the energy rating allocated to your new home.

In the future it is quite likely that a financial penalty will be imposed on home owners who live in homes with a low energy rating and will result in a lower valuation at resale stage. A Timber Frame home offers you greater performance in this area over traditional build and will also achieve very low "U" values with the various types of insulation available from Energy Efficient Homes. Remember - a lower "U" value is thermally better.

The extensive range of products and services provided by EEHI will ensure that your new timber frame home will achieve a high energy rating and will have a higher resale value than a traditional build.

We will be delighted to be given the opportunity to meet with you to discuss further the wide range of products and services supplied by Energy Efficient Homes. Feel free to contact us today!

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