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Energy Efficient Homes Ireland featured in recent issue of 'The Public Sector' Magazine - [read article]

Energy Efficient Homes Ireland: Heat, Ventilation & Insulation

As well as a high quality timber frame kit Energy Efficient Homes can also supply you with a wide range of products and services to help increase the energy efficiency, and reduce the energy costs in your new home, including:

  • Insulation

This is the most important aspect of ensuring that your new home is “Energy Efficient”. You will not get a second chance to make your home energy efficient as easy or as cheaply as when you are actually building it. Energy Efficient Homes will give advice on all the various types of insulation available including, mineral wool, flax, hemp, sheep wool and the most environmentally friendly product on the market spray on “cellulose” which is made from recycled shredded paper which also has an excellent "U" value and is recommended for use in any energy efficient air tight house

  • Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV) System

Energy Efficient Homes Ireland says, to achieve high levels of energy efficiency and good air quality “Build Tight, Insulate and Ventilate Right".

We now have well insulated and draught free buildings. This gives us a whole new set of problems; poor air quality, dust particles, mites and bacteria in the air that are not visible. With the energy efficient timber frame we recommend installing a Heat Recovery Ventilation System.

    Benefits of a HRV:

    1. It will save you money by reducing your energy requirements for heating by re-using the heat that would normally be lost through uncontrolled ventilation
    2. Fresh filtered warm air continuously, day and night, replaces the stale air inside your home. No more unpleasant odours from smoking, cooking or bathroom.
    3. Helps maintain healthy humidity levels in your home
    4. Moisture build up from bathroom and kitchen will be avoided eliminating mould growth.
    5. It is very beneficial in improving your Energy Rating Certificate and would be a "must" in a passive house.

  • Solar Panels

Heating water is the second largest energy cost in most households. Solar Water Haters can be a cost effective way to generate hot water.

1msq of Solar Panel here in Ireland is equivalent to more than 100 litres of oil per year in free solar energy. Even if the sun is not shining, a solar water heater will convert indirect sunlight as well as direct sunlight into heat.

There are two main forms of Solar collectors - Flat Plate collectors and Evacuated Collectors. Evacuated tubes are more efficient but more expensive than flat plate collectors but take up less space. Solar panels can be fitted on to a roof with a southerly aspect or on a frame on the ground.

Solar Panels on roof of house

Solar Panel situated beside house

Energy Efficient Homes in conjunction with our heating and ventilation engineer, will gladly take the time to explain in detail the benefits of Solar Panel and HRV in the comfort of your own home.

  • Heat Pumps (Geo-thermal)

Heat is freely and widely available in the air, water and ground. These natural sources of heat are continually replenished by the sun. The use of a Heat Pump will harness free and renewable energy for heating your home and hot water. The Heat Pump will take the heat from a low temperature source and release it at a higher temperature into the central heating system. Different types of heat pumps can be used to extract heat from three sources - Ground, Air and Water (rivers or wells)

Energy Efficient Homes in conjunction with our heating and ventilation engineer, will gladly take the time to explain in detail the benefits of Heat Pumps in the comfort of your own home.

We will be delighted to be given the opportunity to meet with you to discuss further the wide range of products and services supplied by Energy Efficient Homes. Feel free to contact us today!

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